Two days trip at the Lyon Biennale.

“La Vie Moderne” is the theme for this year’s edition of the Lyon Biennale, running from September 10 through January 3 next year, exploring what made modernity, modernism, and modern masters across history. Three exhibitions will form the biennale.

Conceived by Ralph Rugoff, guest curator of the 13th Lyon Biennale, “La Vie Moderne” will bring together 60 artists from 28 countries and will propose a new definition of the word modernity. The biennale’s artistic director, Thierry Raspail, is using Bruno Latour’s essay as a starting point: Nous n’avons jamais été modernes (1991) (We were never modern), which will be reinterpreted to underline the premise “And now we are neo, alter, anti, pro, folk, late and so on. Whatever, we are modern without being modern; and this is the state of artwork of today.”