Les Nouveaux Commanditaires

While artists and their artworks have taken on all their responsibilities to the extent that they have become paragons of the Modernist ambition, society has turned instead to artworks from the past by giving heritage more importance than it has ever had in history. Citizens remain absent and silent in art. They seem satisfied with anonymous relations with artists and limit artworks to having a role within a heritage that is managed by markets and institutions whose criteria and values could not stem from a political, let alone artistic project.

In order to give a voice to these great absentees and enable them to finally play a role, the actions of the Nouveaux Commanditaires take place on the art scene without walls. This can occur anywhere and is open to those who wish to take on a responsibility as an active player. In these situations, the citizen becomes an equal to the artist and acquires the authority to publicly express a need to create as well as to assess what is produced in the name of art. This mode of action has long gone beyond a mere declaration of intention, it is a tangible reality with hundreds of accomplished artworks. These reflect and demonstrate the fact that both citizens and artists have the intelligence and the courage necessary to highlight contemporary cultural necessities and act in consequence.

Video related to: Eleonora Castagna – 14.12.